Hybrid, E-learning, or vILT: The Cloud Training Face-Off

Ever wondered which training format—Hybrid, E-learning, or vILT—really comes out on top? 

Watch our Cloud Academy experts in a friendly face-off  as they chat about the merits and challenges of Hybrid, E-learning, and vILT formats when it comes to Cloud training. 

Our panelists share:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the unique strengths and limitations of Hybrid, E-learning, and vILT.
  • Actionable insights on optimizing training strategies for maximum ROI and engagement.
  • Real-world examples and case studies highlighting successful training implementations.
  • Expert predictions on the future trajectory of corporate cloud training.

Meet the Experts

Kaitlyn Funk

Kaitlyn Funk

Strategic Account Executive

Brandon Henry

Brandon Henry

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Jeremy price

Jeremy Price

Solution Architect